welcome to my world

Hello all, my name is Lala. I just wanted to introduce myself. I needed an outlet to share my thoughts and ideas and posting helps me be who I am. I find it hard to share who I am, also because its hard to meet people here. Usually I am a very vocal and sociable person, but being in a new place has been hard on me. Writing and blogging helps me express my thoughts and is a great way for me to share what goes on in my mind.

I currently live in Dubai- I moved here after my wedding. Also, I’m happily married! I’m from New York, my husband is from Pakistan, and I moved to Dubai after because he’s been living here for the past few years. Alhamdulillah, married life is amazing. My husband is my best friend, and I couldn’t be happier.

In my blog, I want to share everything. Travel posts, lifestyle, food, makeup, skin care. I have a passion for many things and being in one of the most exciting cities is wonderful because I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to try new places and share the wonders of Dubai. I love going out and exploring new places to eat and visit and see and shop. So I would like to be able to share that with you- that is, if you follow me!

love always, lala.


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