friends avenue cafe

you know when you come across a really nice coffee shop? one that makes you feel welcome, has a really nice environment, where you can easily relax, read a book, do some work, chat with friends, or just chill by yourself?

no, you don’t know of any?

well, let me tell you about one.

it’s called friends avenue cafe.

this cafe rocks, and for many reasons. it’s got a really laid back vibe to it. it’s designed as a really cute, hipster-y coffee shop, so you get to enjoy the food and hang in a really cool place. it’s got hanging lights, planters on the wall, cozy chairs and open space, natural light, the aroma of coffee in the air, and a foosball table! i love coming in here for a cup of coffee, book in hand, and spending an hour just having some me time.


besides the interior and the looks being awesome, the staff is also a group of wonderful people. they make you feel welcome, they love their job, and interacting with coffee and food lovers from all over. their first location is in jlt and they recently opened their second location in motor city, which is a prime area with people popping in and out of The Ribbon and weekends full of brunchers.


now lets talk about food. and coffee. omg i love their flat whites. i could drink three cups in a row, but i’d be bouncing off the walls. and their latte art is so cute. i’m also a big iced latte person, so those are great for on the go.


they have quite the talented staff. their food has great presentation to it as well, and the taste is great. they have a pretty decent menu, with options for all. coffees, smoothies, salads, sandwiches, everything. i am a big fan of their breakfast options. it’s decent sized portions, well plated, and of course- delicious!

i would really suggest that you grab a friend (or if you’re like me, grab a book!), and head over there, get a cup of delicious coffee, and enjoy the good times.

love always, lala.


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