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Miramar Al Aqah- weekend getaway to Fujairah!

My husband and I love a good weekend trip. Love the long drive (ok, two hours isn’t that long, but it’s still enjoyable), the scenic views of the desert and mountains of the UAE. We tend to go away every two months or so for a weekend somewhere. The best part of living in the UAE has to be the fact that the different Emirates have such beautiful (and reasonably priced!) resorts just an hour and a half away from Dubai. We love heading to Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah, and have stayed at a few resorts there.

But this past weekend, we went to Fujairah and stayed at the beautiful Miramar AL Aqah Beach Resort. 

We found a groupon for it, which included a one night stay, with suhoor and iftar (since it is Ramadan right now.) We headed out around 12 AM from Dubai, and reached around 230 PM. We really weren’t expecting it to be too busy, but it was a FULL HOUSE. Regardless, check in was a breeze and we headed to our room right away. Since it was fully booked, the rooms with the King bed were completely booked and we got the room with two full beds that were joined together, so it really wasn’t a big deal. The room was clean and neat, spacious, bathroom was modern and had a waterfall shower head (i am a sucker for a waterfall shower!), and the balcony was quite large with a table and chairs.

We stayed in during the day, since we were fasting and it was quite hot that day, around 44*C/111*F. We hung out, watched some TV,  and then decided to check out the resort. It has its own private beach, a giant pool, jacuzzi area, lounge chairs everywhere to hang out, and an area to do sign up and do some water sports and activities! It had quite a lot of options for keeping yourself busy during the day. After roaming around, we had about an hour until iftar time, so we headed back to our room to get ready and head to the restaurant.

The dinner menu was crazy, there were so many fantastic options, with an Arabic menu. There was salads and veggies and fruits, plenty of bread and sauce options. There was a grill of Iranian shish tawook and kabab, and a shawarma station, which was exciting because I love shawarma! The other dishes were plentiful and delicious, and the dessert options were even better. Let’s just say I might have eating alllll the cream puffs… Overall, we ate to our hearts content and left feeling very satisfied. 

I took pictures of the dessert over the actual dinner and food…..

Afterwards, we headed down to the beach to take a walk and sit at the Bahari Club on the beach and enjoyed some sheesha and relaxed. And enjoyed the views of the pool all still and calm and lit up.

When we returned to our room, we hung out, watched some movies and then ordered our suhoor around 2:00 am. They delivered it right away. It was from a prefixed menu, of omelettes, fresh fruit, labneh, yogurt, dates, fresh orange juice, bread basket, and other little items. It was a lot for two people, use they delivered each option per person, so we were STUFFED. It was such a great suhoor menu.

Honestly, we had such a wonderful stay. We’re thinking of returning in the cooler months, like October, and it’ll be less packed with tourists and not as scorching hot. Definitely would recommend to check this place out for a vacation or a quick weekend trip!

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friends avenue cafe

you know when you come across a really nice coffee shop? one that makes you feel welcome, has a really nice environment, where you can easily relax, read a book, do some work, chat with friends, or just chill by yourself?

no, you don’t know of any?

well, let me tell you about one.

it’s called friends avenue cafe.

this cafe rocks, and for many reasons. it’s got a really laid back vibe to it. it’s designed as a really cute, hipster-y coffee shop, so you get to enjoy the food and hang in a really cool place. it’s got hanging lights, planters on the wall, cozy chairs and open space, natural light, the aroma of coffee in the air, and a foosball table! i love coming in here for a cup of coffee, book in hand, and spending an hour just having some me time.


besides the interior and the looks being awesome, the staff is also a group of wonderful people. they make you feel welcome, they love their job, and interacting with coffee and food lovers from all over. their first location is in jlt and they recently opened their second location in motor city, which is a prime area with people popping in and out of The Ribbon and weekends full of brunchers.


now lets talk about food. and coffee. omg i love their flat whites. i could drink three cups in a row, but i’d be bouncing off the walls. and their latte art is so cute. i’m also a big iced latte person, so those are great for on the go.


they have quite the talented staff. their food has great presentation to it as well, and the taste is great. they have a pretty decent menu, with options for all. coffees, smoothies, salads, sandwiches, everything. i am a big fan of their breakfast options. it’s decent sized portions, well plated, and of course- delicious!

i would really suggest that you grab a friend (or if you’re like me, grab a book!), and head over there, get a cup of delicious coffee, and enjoy the good times.

love always, lala.

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going to the dark side- essentials salon

I have had blonde in my hair since I got engaged. That was July 2015. When I decided to get my hair done then, I said that it was time for change. I was getting married, I should I have a new look. At the time, my hair was grown out, it was my natural color after who knows how many years. Anyways, I decided to cut my hair a bit, add some blonde tones. I kept the blonde until my wedding, and after also. I mean, I love blonde hair, and it always looks good.

Now, I’ve been married for almost a year and a half, and I. Am. Sick. Of. Blonde.

It’s just such a hassle to maintain, and to make sure it doesn’t go brassy and orange. I had had enough. I did my research, and I finally found the salon I wanted to go to for the change. I have yet to do anything to my hair since I moved to Dubai, which was almost a year and a half ago. I was just waiting to go back home to New York and then do something to my hair. I find it hard to trust new hairdressers, especially because I had been going to the same one for 10 years. But I have events and weddings coming up, and I didn’t want to wait till the last minute.

After A LOT of research, I chose to go to Essentials Beauty Salon and Spa. I had heard good things about this place, and it was also reasonably priced. I called ahead for a consultation, where I met with Svetlana. We discussed whether I should I dye my hair dark, or tone the blonde to a nicer shade and slowly work it back to dark. I decided to tone it to a nice medium/dark brown shade, almost a mocha brown. It would cancel out all the gross blonde that was being stubborn and turning brassy.

The salon atmosphere is so nice, very comforting and relaxing. It’s set in a villa, and decorated in such a cute English style, with shades of pinks and blues, and pretty chandeliers and lace curtains. I was seen right away, and the process begun. It takes about a half hour for toner to set in your hair. So I had my hair washed, toned, and rinsed in under 45 minutes. After, Svetlana dried my hair so I could see how the color turned out.

And it came out to exactly how I wanted it! The blonde toned into the perfect chocolate brown shade of my dreams and blended in nicely with my roots, which are a dark brown/black.

Overall, the whole thing took about an hour, and I left a very happy customer, who will definitely be returning and recommending to everyone who ever asks for salon suggestions. Their rates are very reasonable too, compared to other higher end salons in Dubai, and this salon is categorized into the high end branch. I paid 165 dhs, and I was very pleased with the outcome.

love always, lala.